• Safes

  • Whether you own a business, or you own a safe, it is always a good idea to have a locksmith. So you have someone available in the event that you may need their services. Having a professional and expert locksmith who handles locks dealing with safes or vaults can be a very beneficial thing. In the event that something occurs, some sort of emergency may leave your vault damaged and in need of repair or replacement. This is why you should have a locksmith on standby.

    Often people think that once a locksmith opens their safe it wont be usable or functional but this is just a misunderstanding. However this is not a case. This misconception happens when an inexperienced core ill-equipped locksmiths attempts to open a safe with the incorrect tools. A damaged safe lock is the outcome. However hiring a reliable, dependable, well trained and expert locksmith to take care of this for you, believe us you will be relieved that you made the investment.

    Before hiring a locksmith to handle your safe be sure to ask these questions first:
    Is the Locksmith safe technician certified? If the technician or locksmith that you are attempting to hire cannot verify or prove that they are certified and licensed, then you very well may need to keep it moving. Do not pay for useless services from an unqualified, uncertified and unlicensed individual. Regardless of if they seem to be promising, the fact of the matter is without the appropriate licensing certification, you can’t guarantee quality performance.
    Before opening always ask if the safe will end up damaged or in need of repair. A professional locksmith should be able to open saves without damaging the lock and leaving them fully functional and even more secure.

    Ask exactly how long to expect the process to take. Truth is it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to maybe four hours. This depends on what is wrong with the safe lock and there’s no way to know exactly over the phone. A locksmith or technician may have an idea of what the safes issue is, but can’t accurately give you a time until they actually see the problem. And even then it can only be an educated guess.

    How much can I expect to pay if you open my safe? An over the phone estimate for this situation, will only be a guess according to the explanation given over the phone. There’s no way to really know until the locksmith is actually present and is able to diagnose the situation. Only then will they be able to give you an estimate of how much the service will be.


    Types of safes that are usually serviced by these professional:

    • Gun Safes – Electronic Safes
    • Wall Safes- Cash Boxes-Floor Safes
    • Fire Safes – Safes- High Security Safes
    • Depository Safes- Fingerprint Safes- Hand Gun Safes